• Pin Phanphengdy

    Pin Phanphengdy, huge influential heavy rock metal outfit is now celebrating over thirty plus in music scene.  A long time Canberra residence Pin has released two hard rock albums to date.   All of them recorded and mixed down at Sparks Studios in Canberra, Australia. Rock Never dies – Dr No’s Project is the première album

  • Mouky Phong-Oudom

    This will be a good start for 2009 with the release of this beautiful album, whose secret was a combination of smart and hard work, an ironclad work ethic and single minded determination to produce the best Lao pop/rock song ever.  Brilliant “Mouky  Phong-Oudom Love song” is a recycle of classic love songs from the

  • Noy Sydanon

    This is Noy’s second solo album.   Every track is a standout.  He captures the romance, passion and the meaning of Lao in his songs.  He has this ability to articulate through songs.  He is such a great artist, a wonderful songwriter and a very sincere person. The Great Distance is such a good pop/rock