• Superone


      “Don’t turn off your light” is very first song in English unleashed by this savvy, cool and calm Super One.  Song has this international favour and harmony by featuring hot young Laurent Pras.  It has been a while since his last track released and it’s sure worth a wait.  This fun music video shot

  • Matallic Band


    Metallic, an emerging pop/rock band has unveiled their third song – Umvai (ອຳໄວ້).  It’s an absolute outstanding follow up to one of their previous tracks.  This song showcases another of creative side where their previous two tracks are slow love songs.  Produced by power house music company, Indee records.  Music video also released starring Ting and

  • Sandwich


    Be on look out for another raw, powerful and thundering sound heading your way. It’s from another rock sensation goes by the name of Sandwich.  So far they have released two songs officially.  Première song is carefree and totally joyous “Airhead” or in Lao meaning “ຫູເບົາ”.  Following on by another screaming guitar driven rock song

  • believe


    New emerging quartet rock band known as “Believe” just released their première song.  It’s “The Quality of Time” or in Lao meaning “ຄຸນຄ່າຂອງເວລາ”.  As the world is getting smaller and with limited time and there’s so much to do, spending quality time with your love one Believe’s new song is the best everyone can do.

  • Ang Othong

    Ang Othong

    Ang Othong Ang Othong has been playing music for more than twenty years.  This is a rare vintage track from Ang’s only album called Dream I.  It’s one example of  irresistible sound from this fine looking musician who is earning his craft in midwest state also known for purple Prince used to live.  It’s Minnesota.   There is no

  • Annita Thivaphone

    Annita Thivaphone

    “Sexy Boy” is the latest single from Laotian home-grown pop sweetheart Annita Thivaphone; she is loved for her beauty, talent, her heartfelt, open and honest pop songs. This beautiful model and songstress sings about what else but sexy boy. It’s written by singer/songwriter Sam Intharaphithak. As you expect from this downright gorgeous she will take

  • Pin Phanphengdy

    Pin Phanphengdy, huge influential heavy rock metal outfit is now celebrating over thirty plus in music scene.  A long time Canberra residence Pin has released two hard rock albums to date.   All of them recorded and mixed down at Sparks Studios in Canberra, Australia. Rock Never dies – Dr No’s Project is the première album

  • Mouky Phong-Oudom

    This will be a good start for 2009 with the release of this beautiful album, whose secret was a combination of smart and hard work, an ironclad work ethic and single minded determination to produce the best Lao pop/rock song ever.  Brilliant “Mouky  Phong-Oudom Love song” is a recycle of classic love songs from the

  • Noy Sydanon

    This is Noy’s second solo album.   Every track is a standout.  He captures the romance, passion and the meaning of Lao in his songs.  He has this ability to articulate through songs.  He is such a great artist, a wonderful songwriter and a very sincere person. The Great Distance is such a good pop/rock